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Get higher with us! World of Highs – The Original

Welcome to our Legal High Jungle!

We offer premium World of Highs Legal High products for the European market. Our focus is on Germany.

Our Jungle assortment

To all our palm trees, shrubs and in our jungle caves wide variety of legal highs are waiting for you: incense, bath salts and Partypillen.Unsere Jungle King class that is exclusive only to get here: our latest innovation, the Liquid highs.


Our range of highs Word of products aimed exclusively to retailers and wholesalers. Selling to end users is not possible.


None of our products offered woh is in conflict with the currently applicable Narcotics Act in Germany (as of 12/2014) .This have the European Court of Justice and the Federal officially announced this year. Our legal department is in constant and close contact with specialized lawyers to ensure you always foolproof.

Our Jungle Security

We will only use ingredients that we thoroughly test it in advance. We offer products which, although they have a strong effect, but as few side effects as possible.

Customer satisfaction

In our jungle the customer is king. We bring only legal high products to the market, which are characterized by their strong effect. Ineffective legal highs you are looking for in our jungle in vain.

Top quality

We stand for quality rather than quantity. In our premium woh bags only selected high-quality herbs, raw land, especially clean drugs.